Russians Reaching Russians (RRR) is an international church-planting ministry focused on the city and environs of Saint Petersburg, Russia, with a vision to support the planting of churches. RRR does so by partnering with Russian leaders who help identify, train and strategically place church planters in key areas in and around the city.

The ministry of RRR began in 1992 when Rick and Heather Ives received a clear call from God to become full-time missionaries to Russia, where they served in the city of Saint Petersburg for four years.

While ministering tirelessly to reach Russians for Christ, Rick and Heather also developed a passion to raise-up, support, and equip Russian believers to become pastors and leaders in order to reach their own countrymen. With more than five million people in the Saint Petersburg area, and less than 200 churches, the need for new churches to reach the lost was evident.

Today, the fruit of the ministry is nothing short of amazing.
Numerous churches have been planted and other ministries have been started in the environs of Saint Petersburg—a city of close to 6,000,000 people. RRR also has helped start significant prison, foster-care, and drug rehabilitation ministries in Russia where the love of God has changed thousands of lives. RRR raises support, prays for, and provides ministry and leadership training to Russian leaders and emerging leaders, RRR is uniquely positioned to make a tremendous impact in Russia for years to come.


RRR is an international church-planting ministry focused on city and environs of St. Petersburg, Russia, and the vision is to support the planting of vital and growing churches in this area. RRR, along with its US-based task force, seek to reach out to the lost by raising up pastors and churches who are willing to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Each church is legally registered with one of several, official covering organizations recognized by the Russian government. Russians Reaching Russians provides these pastors with training and the support needed to plant new churches. Most new church plants are focused on densely populated areas that have not had a church in over 80 years.


RRR works hand in hand with high quality Christian leaders. These leaders identify and train young Russians with a calling to become pastors and church planters. In the surroundings of St. Petersburg, there are numerous towns with populations of 10,000 to 80,000 that do not have a single evangelical Christian church. God has blessed America with a kingdom-opportunity to extend our blessings to the Russian Church. RRR serves as a mentor to these new pastors and provides financial assistance to help them plant their churches. Russians Reaching Russians is truly a ministry that equips Russians to reach Russians—together we train and release Russian pastors who reach their nation for Jesus!


Our History, Mission, & Method