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Pastor Rick Ives, Founder:
The ministry of Russians Reaching Russians (RRR) began in 1992 when Rick and
Heather Ives received a clear call from God to become full-time missionaries to Russia,
ministering in the city of Saint Petersburg for four years. Rick currently serves as
the Senior Director of National and International Ministries at Fellowship Church in
Springfield, Ohio, traveling extensively to represent and promote RRR.

Pastor Grant Edwards, Chairman of the Board:
As chairman, Grant serves as a visionary leader, giving direction for the advancement
of the ministry. From the outset, Grant played an instrumental role in developing a
network of churches and individuals to support the efforts of RRR. Grant has served as
the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church in Springfield, Ohio, for over 35 years.

Ray Willis, US Administrator:
Ray serves RRR in a variety of administrative capacities, taking teams annually
to Russia to immerse people in the ministry of RRR. Ray also serves as the Vice
President of Operations and Marketing for First Steps Discipleship Ministry, a non-
profit ministry organization that equips and resources churches to actualize the Great


Denis Kozlov, International Liaison, Fundraiser, Mission Promoter:
Denis works in concert with Ray Willis to execute the daily operations, collaborating with
Russian pastors and churches affiliated with RRR. Denis has been with the ministry
since 1995, starting as an interpreter before becoming the main spokesman of the ministry. Denis’ role continues to expand as he travels throughout Russia and the US speaking in churches to promote the mission of RRR. Denis helps organize short-term mission trips to Russia each year. As well, Denis has also helped bring relevant training, conferences and seminars to Russia to help develop leaders and churches.

Igor Sokolov, Pastor/Church planter:
Igor is a nationally recognized leader in Russia with a passion to raise-up Christian
leaders throughout Russia with the goal of influencing all areas of Russian life and
culture. Beyond his duties as pastor, Igor also sends missionaries to influential cities
throughout Russia, Latvia and Syria.

Vladimir Osipov, Pastor/Church Planter:
Vladimir has a heart and vision for smaller Russian cities and towns that do not have
evangelical churches, strategically establishing Christian rehabilitation centers for
drug-addicts as well as mission schools that send missionaries throughout Russia and
limited- access Islamic regions.

Yan Volkov, Prison Ministry Director:
Yan runs the most successful prison ministry in Russia, directing programs and projects
for prisoners separated from their families. Yan has a passion to reproduce his ministry
model in every Russian Prison, speaking to local churches throughout Russia to
encourage them to reach out to prison populations.

RRR Board Members: Rick Ives, Grant Edwards, Ray Willis, Denis Kozlov, Igor
Sokolov, Vladimir Osipov, Jim Britton, Penny Crowell, Chuck Squeri, and
Rohn Kennington, Rod Morrison.

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