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Preaching The Gospel on The Radio by Denis Kozlov

5 November 2013 No Comment

radioSome of you know that besides many other things I am involved I have been involved into Christian Radio ministry.  In 2003, right after I graduated from  a seminary I have been invited to join one of the prominent  Christian radio stations in Russia called “Teos” (Greek word for “The Lord” transliterated into Russian). So it’s been 10 years since I have been involved with this radio work. Over these years I have been doing all kids of radio shows and programs. The great thing about that particular radio station is that the leadership is open to experiments and they try to be cutting edge in what they are doing.

I enjoy participating in this work and it’s so much fun to do. Unfortunately, my responsibilities in other areas are growing and I can not give to the radio as much time and energy as I used to be able. But it remains much fun for me to host live radio shows,  talk to people all over the word about God and Christ and Scriptures and to interact with them in a real time mode.  The great thing about modern technologies is that today I don’t have to be physically present  at our studio.  I can travel all over the world and still run my shows as long as the time zone difference don’t mess it up too much.

My recent several trips to the US I continued my regular shows and some of those were even held with a co-host who was located in Russia.  We would still do it live with incoming phone calls and text messages.  I love doing it and I hope I will be able to continue to do this after I relocate to the States in the future.

The most rewarding part is to hear back from the audience.

Here are some examples of this feedback to the show that I currently run on a weekly basis.  These I have received in the last couple of months.  People usually call and send text message during and right after the show.

Moscow – Margarita Semenovna. She called the office and thanked me  for the show.  She said that it really helps her to understand the bible and the gospel.  The main reason she likes this program is because she notice strange but wonderful phenomenon.  Although she has been a Christian for several years she has always struggled with fears and anxiety.  As she started listening to these programs she noticed that those negative emotions began to grow weaker, to dissipate and fade away.  She learned that more she dwells on those topics he hears in RBI programs the more powerful this wonderful effect is. She said that’s how she became a regular listener. Also, she expressed gratefulness that the bible is explained with illustrations from modern life and biblical truths are made applicable.


Valentina from Moscow – She called and she was very enthusiastic about the word she has received in one of my programs.  She said it’s like living water for her that satisfies her and refreshes her.  She said since she started listening to me she found that she gets excited about what she has in Christ and she found this newly found desire to share God’s goodness with people she interacts on the daily basis. She was very grateful for this program on the radio.  She used to be afraid of all the passages that would speak about falling away from the Lord and falling under His curse and His wrath.  She used to be afraid of all the conditional promises and commands in the Bible because she was overwhelmed with the thought of violating them willingly or unknowingly and come under God’s punishment. But since she began to understand the concept of Grace and the reality of God’s love extended to her in Christ those amazingly enough many of the passages that used to be a source of fear and stress  became the source of comfort and encouragement.


Vasily from Moscow called us and told us that he was deeply touched when he heard the program about true love and forgiveness as a lifestyle of a Christian. He said he loves what he hears but he is old enough to know that he doesn’t have this ability to be so forgiving toward others. So I explained to him that the basis of this love is God’s love and to be able to learn live like that he needs to start with the very first and indispensable step which is to receive God’s love by receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  I  gave him a brief explanations of the gospel  and instructed Vasily how to receive the gift of God’s love and to begin to experience the reality of God’s love and forgiveness daily.   Vasily said it was beautiful and that he has never prayed to God like that before. He said after he gets a chance to be alone in his room he will try to pray this prayer.


There is a girl by the name of Polina from St.Petersburg and she became a regular listener. She claims that she became a believer by listening to my programs.  She received some practical help when she began to listen to the programs.  It all started with a situation when she was offended by someone and didn’t know how to do it. Then she heard about the Christian love and forgiveness and she called to the office to receive some advice on how to go about this situation. She has talked to me and explained her difficulties. I used this situation to introduce her to the gospel by showing her that the basis for her ability to forgive others is the forgiveness that God gives to people in Jesus Christ through what He has done on Calvary. So before she receives this gift of God  she can only go so far in her ability to deal with offences that others inflict on her.  Next time she called she said she has been able to forgive that person and now she wanted to know how to go about reconciling with that person. She received some counseling and practical recommendations from me. Next time she called and she was excited because she has been able to reconcile with that person and that other person turned out to be understanding and heard her out.  The next call was a request for help to find a good bible believing church in the city. She says she became a believer by listening to our shows and talking to us on the phone. Now she wants to try to join a church. I began to follow up with her to help her find a good church in the city.  This was very exciting experience for me.

 There was another call from the guy by the name of Vladimir who had a question of how to forgive himself for what he has done.  I explained the gospel to him showing him the same thing that the basis of true genuine forgiveness extended to anyone (including yourself) is not your standards, thoughts and feelings but it is to be based on what God has to say about the offence. If God would have that offence forgiven and there is no ground to hold this offence against anyone including yourself.  I used this situation to explain the gospel and how to receive God’s gift and how to use it to become free from bitterness and unforgivness to anyone – including to yourself.

Vasily from Moscow texted us during the show and said that he received so much freedom by realizing that certain things about our relationship with Him in Christ and now He is learning to experience God’s peace in the middle of the busyness and commotion of his life and work in Moscow.  He said before that he fetl like his Christianity was a fake one and he really tried to impress people with his Christianity and spirituality but now he received freedom not to try to act like a Christian but rather be a true Christian in the middle of real situations by internally turning to Christ for everything and in the middle of everything.

Please, mention this aspect of my ministry in your prayers so that I would be wise and be led by the Lord and speak his word with wisdom, boldness and power of the Holy Spirit.

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