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[4 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]
Thanksgiving from Russia by Rick Ives

God is Faithful…even when the economy stinks! Pastor Rick Ives RRR Founder
I am writing to you while I sit in LaGuardia Airport in New York waiting to fly home to Ohio. It’s been cold and snowy in upper New York, but, of course, not as cold as it typically is in our mission field of Russia: The world’s greatest mission’s field!
In a few weeks we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA. There is no such holiday in Russia. What they do have is lots of cold, very dark days …

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[12 Aug 2008 | No Comment | ]
New meaning by Igor Sokolov

This month’s featured article is written by Igor Sokolov.
Igor writes about the how God is enlarging his borders and vision to actualize the meaning of Russians Reaching Russians.
The name Russians Reaching Russians challenges Russian Christians. It motivates them to be active wherever the Lord has called them. These words provided new meaning for me after my recent visit to Finland and Estonia at the invitation of Russian-speaking Christians living in those countries.
Finland and Estonia border Russia, and the history of relationships between our countries has been dramatic and full …

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[20 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]
prayer for the Russia

By Dave Dilger, RRR Board Member
Crispy winters, crunchy snow, the sound of steam whistles, the nostalgic aroma of burning coal, smoke rising out of chimneys, the occasional vehicle, and people, as they walk to their varied destinations, are just a few things that I suppose will not soon change on the Russian landscape!
There are, however, many things changing Russia, and we are being forced to take into
consideration many of these changes as we forge ahead in praying and planning for the
future of Russians Reaching Russians.
I wanted to …

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[16 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]
Russia and the Church – Rapidly Changing – But much work yet to be done!

Last month, Pastor Andrei Ziablitsev wrote in this newsletter that his church in Kommunar, which is a suburb of St. Petersburg, was celebrating its 14th anniversary.
Heather and I were in Russia 14 years ago as full-time missionaries for RRR in the St. Petersburg area. At that time, Kommunar was a dark, bleak, dirty place in virtual economic ruin following the fall of communism just two years prior. I recently completed training a young man named Sergei Morozov to be a pastor, and he was starting a brand-new church …