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[12 Dec 2009 | No Comment | ]
Breaking Vicious Circle by the Word of God

Dear brothers and sisters!
We are living at a special time now and we need to be at God’s presence constantly fulfilling His will. Being involved into the Prison Ministry for 12 years, I see how we save people marked for death from the Kingdom of darkness. We save them by preaching the Word of God. These people give testimonies on how God saved them and how He continues restoring their lives changing their destiny and ways of thinking. It is a great joy to hear testimony about people’s lives transformation.
We …

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[29 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
Christmas gift for Russian leaders (by Rick Ives)

As we say in Russia this time of year – WE GREET YOU WITH THE BIRTH OF CHRIST! Friends – would you send a special Christmas Gift to Russians Reaching Russians to help the work of God in that far-away country?
In this month’s issue, you’ll find the annual Ives family, RRR, Christmas photo-card. We’ve been sending these out each year to all our RRR supporters since 1993, and I have kept a copy of each year’s photo. To say the least, the “look” of the Ives family …