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[25 May 2017 | No Comment | ]
Restoration by Tatiana Korolkova

My name is Tatiana and I am 43. Approximately 10 years ago, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I began reading my Bible and praying and was baptized. The sad part is, by this time, my relationship with several members of my family were mostly ruined due to my alcoholism, but God began healing and restoring these relationships.
Although I was saved, I had many questions for which I could not find answers. I could not understand why Christians stressed the importance of prayer, Bible reading, and being …

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[30 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]
Update by Yan Volkov

Dear partners,
In this issue, Yan Volkov provides an overview of last year and his outlook for this year. Yan has an amazing testimony of how the Lord saved him in the early 1990s when he was a troubled young. Today, he is one of the most influential Christian ministers in Russia, operating a large prison ministry and Christian television ministry. We invested in Yan when he was just starting out, and, through our relationship, many doors are opening for RRR in Russia. I ask that you prayerfully consider donating …

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[22 Feb 2017 | No Comment | ]
Reflections by Sheila Noel

When Rick and Heather Ives visited our church last May, Rick mentioned that they were headed to Russia in November. I asked for details and the rest, as they say, is history. My friend Brenda and I began our quest to go on a missions trip to Russia with the ministry of Russian Reaching Russians (RRR).
We weren’t sure what to expect. Neither of us had been on a mission trip nor had either of us been to Russia. We were excited and nervous yet confident that our Lord would use …

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[17 Feb 2017 | No Comment | ]
Updates by Igor Sokolov

Last year, an anti-missionary law was passed in Russia and we are learning how to negotiate our way between proclaiming the gospel and inviting people to church. According to the new law, doing so is now illegal
One of the things we celebrate, however, is the deeper level of fellowship, partnership and coordination between the different churches in our city. We are joining forces to plan events and ministry together, and we will hold several collaborative conferences in 2017.
Mission work abroad is growing. In 2016, we sent two teams on …

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[20 Jan 2017 | No Comment | ]
Remembering 2016 by Vitaly Maksimuk

I asked our partners in Russia to share their most memorable experiences over the past year, and Pastor Vitaly Maksimuk is first up. As you read, please consider a donating to RRR to help Vitaly and leaders like him to preach the gospel, raise leaders, and plant churches throughout Russia. Sincerely, Denis Kozlov.
Despite the economic downturn in Russia and the adoption of new laws restricting missionary activity, 2016 was a good year as God added to the church those being saved. We finished the year with the significant increase of …

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[21 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]
Russia Today by Grant Edwards

I have been travelling frequently to Russia since 1992 – about 25 year. I have lost count of the actual number of trips, but would estimate about 40.
I am not an expert on Russian culture, economics, or politics. But I have a lot of observational experience of the Russian Protestant Church. I just arrived back from a trip to St. Petersburg where I was involved with ministry at five different churches, taught five conferences, and had numerous appointments with Russian church leaders.
Below are some notes …
The churches around St. …

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[19 Nov 2016 | No Comment | ]
I love this season in America by Denis Kozlov

Being a student of American culture, I am getting used to the rhythm of life of people living in small towns of the midwest. It seems like life is paced around big events like the Superbowl and holiday seasons.
I particularly like this season (Thanksgiving day and all the way through Christmas) for all the joyful anticipation that seems to be in the air. I like this time because for many it’s a season to reconnect with the family and people they care about. Many Christians count their blessings and express …

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[29 Sep 2016 | No Comment | ]
True Freedom of the Heart by Sergey Sazhienko


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus!
 My name is Pastor Sergei Sazhieyenko and I live in the city of Suoyarvi in the region of Karelia. I thank God for the opportunity to write and thank you for your support for our Russian churches and ministers. Your faithfulness to minister the Gospel in Russia for more than 25 years has served our people well.
 I became a Christian in 1992 soon after the communist regime fell and freedom of religion was afforded to Russians after 70 years of atheistic rule. The gospel …

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[19 Jul 2016 | No Comment | ]
Impending Persecution by Ray Willis

In 1991, Russia passed a constitutional amendment to provide for the freedom of religious expression as well as the freedom of conscience. In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, these freedoms were heartily embraced by the Russian people who were experiencing a crisis of worldview brought on by political, economic, and cultural upheaval. In 1997, another amendment was passed to revoke much of the freedoms granted by the 1991 amendment. The change in law was instigated by the fast-growing anti-cult movement in Russia who perceived emerging, non-traditional …

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[20 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]
White Nights in Siberia! by Rick Ives

I recently returned from two weeks in Russia, spending time in both Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk, which is the third largest city in Russia with a population that exceeds one million.
In spite of what we often hear about Siberia, I saw no prisons, the weather was 75-80 degrees and beautiful, and the sun shone for almost 20 hours per day (White Nights). Though the weather in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk was beautiful, even more beautiful was the work of the Lord we witnessed and conducted.
RRR is celebrating 25 years in …