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My first encounter with Russia by Dave Dilger

My first trip to Russia with RRR was in 1997, only a handful of years after
“the fall of the Iron Curtain”. At that time, stepping off the plane was in many ways like stepping back into the 1940’s. Military personnel were everywhere. In public, it seemed that 40 percent of the people were wearing some kind of military or paramilitary uniform. The first taste of the culture was going through customs to enter the country officially. It was here that one had to lose the typical American tourist “I’m so …

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If Only . . . . by Ray Willis

On September 10, 2001, a team of short-term missionaries was preparing to travel to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Within 24 hours, the world changed, and that team, like most, felt quite uncertain about what the future would hold. By week’s end, that team was forced to decide whether or not they would follow through with their plans to travel to Russia. I was one of those people.
To be honest, I was overwhelmingly on the side of cancelling, and, as a leader, I thought most would be in agreement. I presented my case …

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The Love of Jesus Made Me Weep by Jim Britton

God called me to minister overseas at some point in my life, but I was shocked and a bit intimidated when Pastor Grant Edwards casually declared to me in early 1994, “JB, if you want to go to Russia with me, I need to know by Monday.” That was on a Thursday. Yikes!
Though I jumped at the opportunity, by the time we left for Saint Petersburg, I was totally freaked out. Could this be because Pastor Grant warned me of bad Russian water, lack of available food, killer mosquitos, rogue …

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It Began With a Phone Call

We continue to celebrate 25 years in Russia as we also celebrate Christmas! In this issue you will meet Doug Carson, a Christian Businessman and entrepreneur who has been my friend since late 1991 and who has supported and been part of RRR from the beginning. Doug’s involvement has even led he and his wife, Jayn, into a significant ministry in Russia! We are asking that you prayerfully consider giving a special gift to RRR as part of your yearend giving so that more Russians will be saved, equipped, and more churches and leaders will arise. …